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5 Minute Tree Skirt | No Sew Tree Skirt

Handmade doesn't mean it needs to take forever. I love DIY projects that are simple and straight forward. If you ever stumble upon some fabric that you think would make a great tree skirt for your Christmas tree, here is an easy tutorial that will take only 5 minutes.

Here’s what you’ll need:

● 1 1⁄2 yards of fabric * When you are picking out your fabric, make sure that it is at least 48 inches wide.

● Scissors

● Measuring Tape

1. Pick out the fabric you want for your tree skirt. I suggest something that it a little thicker than regular cotton fabric. We loved the traditional pattern on this fleece and it was on sale!

2. Next, measure out a circle with a 48 inch diameter and cut it out.

To cut our circle, we folded the fabric into quarters and attached the measuring tape to the to the corner of the the single fold with pins.

Then, we used chalk to mark the fabric at 24 inches moving the measuring tape and marking the fabric to create an arch.

Lastly, we cut along the chalk line to reveal a perfect circle!

3. Starting from the edge of the circle, cut a straight line 22.5 inches (a little less than half the diameter of the circle), towards the middle of the circle.

4. Cut a small circle, approximately 5 inches in diameter. We used a small bowl to

trace out our circle before cutting it.

5. There you have it! Wrap the tree skirt around the bottom of your tree!

Notes: This is a pretty standard length for a tree skirt. However, I recommend measuring it out first to see if you need your tree skirt to be larger or smaller. Follow all of the same steps but adjust the measurements.

I hope you enjoy this simple tutorial. You could always add a ruffle around the edge if you have the extra fabric. But this year I like the how simple this tree skirt looks. If you give this a try be sure to let us know and tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank-you so much for taking time out of your day to hang out here!

~ Joanna