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DIY Beeswax Candles with Essential Oils

During winter I absolutely love burning candles...all day. I think they keep the home cozy and smelling nice while the windows are mainly shut.

However, when I looked at what exactly I was burning and putting into the air I wasn't a fan. I won't go into too much here, but I recommend you research on the toxins in popular brands of candles. (i.e. paraffins, benzene, toluene...)

A excellent alternative is beeswax candles! Beeswax burns clean, help get rid of toxins in the air, and virtually smokeless. They also last a lot longer than typical candles because beeswax has a higher melting point. That means you'll get a much longer burn time per candle.

***This post contains affiliate links. Which means that I make a small commission off a sale of a product linked below at absolutely no cost to you.



Coconut Oil (refined)

Essential Oils

You'll also need:

Candle Wicks

Container for the candle

Wick holder or a stick to hold the wicks in place

Glass bowl / Glass container to melt the beeswax


  1. Attach the candle wick to the bottom middle of the container of your choice. You can use either the sticky pads that come with many wicks packs or you can use hot glue.

  2. To keep the wick in an upright position wrap the wick onto a stick and place the stick over the candle.

  3. Bring about 6 cups of water to a boil in a large pot.

  4. Add one pound of beeswax and 2/3's of a cup of refined coconut oil to a large bowl. Then place the bowl over pot of boiling water. Allow the heat and steam to melt the wax fully. Stir occasionally.

  5. Once the wax is fully melted in the bowl, stir in1-2 tablespoons of an essential oil of your choice.

  6. Next carefully pour your wax into the containers, being careful to not pour over the wick.

  7. Allow the candle to cool for two hours before trying to light the wick. Then cut the wick to about 1/2 inch.


Beeswax can be pretty hard to clean up. I recommend using minimal tools. The best way that I have found is when you are done using the bowl to melt the wax, reheat the wax and swipe it out using paper towels while the wax is hot.

Most of the time when making candles I use cheaper essential oils from Amazon. This is because you need so much of it. Also, you aren't getting the real benefits of the oil since they are in the candles. They're only there for a natural and safe scent. But you should do your research on which essential oils you are comfortable with and check reviews on their scent. Some more cheaper oils can smell absolutely awful and nothing like the real scent.

These candles will smell like peppermint because that is what I had on hand from Christmas. But is virtually no limit to the combinations of scents that you can create. I love playing around and creating new scents for the season or occasion that I am making them for.

Here are a few of my favorite scents:

Lavender & Chamomile

Sweet Orange

Lemon & Basil



Making candles is a new addiction of mine. I find myself looking around my house and thrift stores for new ideas for vessels for more candles. If you give this a try be sure to tag us and let us know on either facebook, instagram, or in the comments below.

Thank-you so much for taking time out of your day to hang out here!