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Easy DIY Moon Sand with Essential Oils

This is an easy and fun sensory activity for the kids. I like simple activities that keep the kids engaged and don't require crazy ingredients that I never have on hand. So I can whip this up on a whim, or whenever my kids request it.

I love that this is made with all safe ingredients. When my daughter was younger she stuck a whole handful of moon sand in her mouth. Now she spat it right out, and I'm not recommending you eat it, but it didn't scare me because I know exactly what's in it.


7 cups Flour

1 cup Corn Starch

1 cup Oil (Fractionated Coconut Oil, Baby Oil, Almond Oil)

Essential Oils (optional)

Food Coloring (optional)


1. Mix together 7 cups of flour and 1 cup of corn starch.

*If you don't have corn starch you can get away with adding an extra cup of flour.

2. Add 1 cup of oil.

*I am using fractionated coconut oil. You can't use regular coconut oil because once it cools to room temperature it'll harden again. But you can also use baby oil, almond oil, etc.

3. Add essential oils and desired food coloring. (optional step)

4. Give a stir with a spoon and then work together with your hands.

This can get a bit messy when you have three small children. So, I like to place the moon sand on the top of a storage bin, upside down. It sweeps up easily and get the kids involved in that part.

Everything in this is completely safe for children, which makes me really happy. Let's face it, who wants to hover over our kids when they are playing?

I hope you find this helpful and maybe give it a try.

Thanks so much for taking time out of your day to hang out here!