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Simple DIY Stocking | How to Sew a Stocking

Our kids have never had a stocking for the sheer fact that I have never even thought about it. I mean we don't do Santa so why do we need a stocking? But this year we have an actual mantel and my kids have requested them. So here we go.

You can use whatever fabric you want. I am going to use some white linen but you can use whatever fabric you would like.

This project is very beginner sewer friendly!

What you'll need:

  • a stocking that you like the shape of

  • enough fabric for the back and front of the stocking

  • a coordinating fabric for the top of the stocking (or you can just use the same fabric as the bottom like I am)

  • a sewing machine

How to sew a stocking:

1. Lay the stocking pattern down on the wrong side of the fabric, excluding the top portion of the stocking.

2. Cut around the bottom portion of the stocking, leaving about a half to quarter inch gap around the stocking for seam allowance. Make sure to follow the curves of the stocking so you will get the best shape.

3. Flip the stocking around and use it as a pattern to cut out the other side of the stocking. Be sure to cut on the wrong side of the fabric.

4. To create the top portion of the stocking use the pattern stocking again on whatever pattern you would like to make the top section of the stocking. (I am using the same fabric)

5. Place the top portion of the pattern stocking onto the wrong side of the fabric, and cut up the sides but not the top. Remember to leave a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Fold the fabric over and cut up again, doubling the length of the fabric. Then cut the top.

6. Then use that rectangle piece to cut another piece the same size with the same fabric.

7. For the top piece you will need to add a hook. You could you ribbon or bias tape, but I am going to use a piece of scrap fabric that is an inch wide and 5 inches long. I folded the fabric over long ways and sewed up the side creating a piece for the hook.

8. Place the two pieces of top fabric wrong sides together, with the piece of fabric for the hook folded over, in the middle, and ends at the side seem. Make sure the hook is sandwiched on the inside of the fabric pieces and not the outside.

9. Sew up the sides of the top fabric, making sure to catch the hook ends in the middle as you sew along the one side.

10. Then place the two bottom pieces wrong sides together and sew around the side edges, being careful to follow the shape of the stocking. Don't close the top of the stocking.

11. Flip the bottom and top portion of the stocking right sides out.

12. Flip the top portion in on itself to create the top cuff of the stocking. The hook will be at the top.

13. Turn the top portion of the stocking upside down and pull it over the bottom until all the raw edges are together.

14. Make sure the hook is on the side and the seams are together then sew around the top. Take your time and be careful to catch all the different layers of fabric in your seam.

15. Flip the top right side up and you are done!

I really like the all white stocking because every year I can change up the style. I can add a some berries and twine or some ribbon to the top. Either way - I can change it next year and I don't need to completely remake the stockings.

I really hope you liked this sewing DIY. I am in no way an expert sewer I just learn by trying and making all the mistakes. If you are a beginner sewer I recommend trying first on fabric that you don't care about.

Once you do this once you'll see how simple it is and you'll realize can do it in your sleep. You could even make these for a Christmas gift. They could either use them like a regular stocking or as decoration if you use a pretty fabric you know they'll love.

If you give it a try be sure to let us know on Facebook, Instagram, or the comments below.

Thank-you so much for taking time out of your day to hang out here!